Thursday, May 6, 2010

Undertanding Open Source Softwares

Getting out of the traditional model of what a software development is exactly intended in the approach of the development of software applications, where developers, programmers, designers and talking in these lines, many professionals work all the way towards a product development for an enterprise with all set of patents and trademarks applied to the product to align it in accordance to the enterprise. This makes up a tag line, the product is owned by the enterprise alone.

Talking in this broad spectrum, there's no much surprise, where the program or the product developed by the enterprise is under its control in terms of its usage and destiny. Lets dig around more at this point after the software product or the application is developed at which the enterprise enters into the licensing of its product.

It often offers its applications and products for a closed source program license where the end user can only make use of the product software given for the payed period and at more possibility cannot see the source code of the developed software. Customers are offered to pay for this license for a chosen period of time for the usage of the software with no code available to them.

Also depending on the licensing types, restrictions are applicable over the distribution of the software and the transfer of the license. These factors gives a fact of understanding where investments in time, manpower and budget comes into consideration when an enterprise restricts the source code and licenses its software.

Also lets confer to another licensing that is different and almost contrasting from the earlier traditional model of imposing licenses on a software, where the source code is available free, lets see what makes up this interesting where even the source code is distributed freely..

The software, its usage, source code are available free to the end users where they can make use of the available source code, develop their own required software, participate in the contribution of the development of softwares with the open source communities at all phases of the design , development, implementation, maintaining of the programs. What is the role of the community here and what factors makes up the advantages of using an open source software, lets discuss in the later article followed from our experts desk.

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