Sunday, February 7, 2010

Source Open for Technologies...

Open source, the name seems to say that the source is free. Being developers do have something to do with lot of source codes, and as products go into the market at various scenarios, not a big suspense, we feel that something is free – the source code.

Accessing an end products source code for free can be first thought in one's mind while discussing in lines of Open source .It gives an insight that it is related to the software world when we talk about open source technologies. Beyond this concept there are scenarios in which open source comes in place in various other fields say for example Manufacturing, Biotechnology.

It seems to be an advantageous factor when individuals or organizations tend towards open source and use open source technologies. This leads to the usage or implementation of the source code derived from communities laying path to success of each individual.

And in turn when collaborated with the new implemented versions, de-bugged applications developed from the open sources, back to the community, foundations are paved for the success and development of the whole system at a rapid phase.

Successful usage and growth of the Internet over last few years with the main set of applications like Apache, Linux, mark up languages, programming languages and many more can be considered as one of the example for a rapid growth of open source in technology.
Let’s move into an inner layer of the open source in technologies in the next discussion.

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